A small collection of things I fell in love with this year.
Notes on rest, the best glazed ham recipe, and a few things to read before the Succession finale.
The perfect TV series to watch with your parents, and two very festive desserts to make this month.

November 2021

The Thanksgiving serving trick I'm saving for Christmas, a hack for finding the perfect fairy-lights-to-tree ratio, and the best Sunday night noodles.
Everything I know about giving good gifts.
The best tips for packing light, plus three good things I read this week.
A perfect makeup/skincare hybrid, a newsletter for 'Gilmore Girls' fans (and haters), and something to read on pandemic dreams.

October 2021

Two podcast episodes, a new album, and something to read when you're done with all three.
Three life admin tasks that helped curb my anxiety, how to comfort someone over text, and a book of colour palettes and essays.
How to remember people's names, the salad I make whenever I have friends coming over, and some thoughts on giving up good habits.
Two skincare products that work magic overnight, a very good vegetarian pie, and some thoughts on pandemic nostalgia.
The vegan pasta I've been cooking for years, how to make the most of a day off, and a cute life update.